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Age of the Chatbot: A Study of Modern Platforms
SnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017

Although the technology behind chatbots has existed since the sixties, the industry has seen rapid growth in the past few years. More and more businesses are deploying bots to aid them in marketing endeavours and consumer communications.

The emphasis that large tech entities like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and SnatchBot&...

Chatbot Use Case Examples in Business, Part 2
SnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017

As you can tell from the title, this post is the second part of a two-part exploration of use cases, or the identification of entity-specific requirements—in this case, for the construction and deployment of a chatbot for your business. Chatbots are enjoying a surge in popularity as of late, but the question for many businesses is, will the return on investment be worthwhile?


Chatbot Use Case Examples in Business, Part 1
SnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017

As the chatbot industry grows, more and more businesses are deploying bots to convert users to customers, drive sales, and improve the overall consumer experience. The question is not whether or not your business can benefit from a chatbot, but rather whether or not you should invest in the creation of one. Will the return on investment be worthwhile?

Recent trends say yes, but the us...

Bot Banking: Revolutionizing Financial Strategies
SnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017

Widespread usage of digital channels has brought about a significant change in many industries, particularly for financial institutions. Consumers are driving the way that interactions are handled, and they expect that banks will revolutionize their...

Omni-Channel and Bots: The New Wave of e-Commerce
SnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017

The New Wave of e-Commerce

As technology advances, new innovations become ingrained into our daily lives. One needs only...

Humanizing Hospitality with Bots
SnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017

Hospitality with Bots

A digital transformation has been occurring that has created a multitude of possibilities for consumers and enterprises alike. Digitization has affected nearly every facet of how business is carried out, and those that are early adopters and have taken advantage of these new opportunities are already seeing a r...

Bots and Conversational Commerce: At Your Service
SnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017

Customer service Bots

Excellent customer service has always been at the forefront of any brand’s strategy. Today’s customers want more than the traditional one-sided transaction; they want a two-way interaction. They want to connect and engage with their brands. Enterprises that are doing this effectively are already discovering the merits of a personal, a...

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