Changing the Customer Service Conversation

Superior customer service has always been at the forefront of any brand’s strategy; yet today, those that are able to provide an outstanding experience for the consumer seem to be in the minority.

Today’s customers want more than the traditional one-sided transaction; they want a two-way interaction. They want to connect and engage with their brands. Enterprises that are doing this effectively are already discovering the merits of a personal, actionable conversation through higher profit margins and an increased rate of loyalty and, by extension, advocacy.

Changing the Customer Service Conversation

Personalization = Humanization

Modern consumers desire a personalized, proactive conversation with brands and businesses. Being personal is to humanize an interaction, and being proactive means to be contextually aware of a consumer in real-time.

These two factors combined create an engaging interaction between consumer and brand. And as many enterprises are now discovering, the humanization element can be achieved with the use of bots.

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What Bots Can Do For You

Simply put, bots are an automated program that can run on innumerable channels, devices and apps, which means that a bot can be wherever the customer is, anytime, anywhere.

Through the use of API-based cloud services, bots are breaking down barriers the world over. Bots can reduce overhead, increase workflow, and most important of all, automate the customer service experience in a way that is less expensive and simpler than other methods. For example, SnatchBot’s “no coding required” approach means that you don’t have to be a developer to build and deploy a bot of your own, and it’s totally free to get started.

What Bots Can  Do For You

Automation is Intelligent and Personal

Delivering an excellent customer experience has, historically, been no simple task. One-way service channels tend to be frustrating and time-consuming.

Bots use contextual awareness to respond to customer inquiries in a way that gets answers quickly and efficiently. Bots eliminate the need for lengthy hold times on a phone or waiting for an email reply. Bots can reduce development costs and shrink development cycles from months to weeks, or even less.

Bots are capable of much more than most people are aware, and new use cases are emerging daily that demonstrate their value across several industries.

Impact on the Market

A number of markets have already seen, and continue to see, dramatic benefits from the use of bots in customer service. Here are just a few examples:

Retailers are using conversational commerce with bots to engage customers, ease online transactions and facilitate sales.
Financial institutions are using bots for everything from balance inquiries to monitoring potential fraud.
Financial institutions
Insurance companies are streamlining the claims process with bots.
Insurance companies
Telecom and utility providers are using bots for account management and to issue emergency updates.
Telecom and utility providers

Practical examples of how Bots can help

Case or Service Ticket Management

  • Create case or ticket
  • Escalate case or ticket
  • Add notes to case or ticket
  • Get full case or ticket details
  • View cases or tickets by due date
  • View high priority open cases or tickets