Branding with Bots

Bots are taking the digital world by storm, and early adopters around the globe are already realizing the advantages of their capabilities. From Amazon to American Express, from Microsoft to the NFL, brands are employing chatbots to enable consumers to do a wide variety of tasks easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Regardless of size, reach, or industry, any brand can benefit from the use of bots, not just in marketing and promotion, but improving the overall experience of interacting with a brand in a meaningful way.

Branding with Bots

Interaction vs. Transaction

Gone are the days of the one-way transaction; modern consumers crave a two-way interaction with brands. Beyond the rich implications they can offer in customer service and conversational commerce, bots provide a personalized, frictionless approach to sharing information and performing endeavours that are traditionally known to cause headaches.

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The Bot Advantage

Bots are improving the consumer/brand relationship, and more use cases are emerging daily. Here are just a few ways in which bots are already being employed:

Large publishers and small agencies alike are using bots to provide breaking news updates, relevant stories and continued coverage based on consumers’ preferences.
Film studios are using bots to promote movies in an engaging and entertaining way that allows users to converse with fictional characters. Movie theatres use bots to provide ticket information, locations and trailers. Video game publishers are employing bots to create a fully interactive experience.
With bots, fans can receive highlights, rosters, updates, game-day information, and scores about their favourite teams and players.
Bots are permeating the travel and tourism industries by giving consumers fast, easy choices in air travel, hotels, parking information, dining, excursions, and more. Travelers are using bots to check in and out of resorts, find events and book reservations.


Tech insiders are calling bots “the new apps”, and while that may be true, there is much more to it than that. Apps can take months to build, and the cost of creating a worthwhile app that can compete in an oversaturated market is significant.

Bots reduce not only the development cycle from months to weeks or even days, they can be built and deployed to a number of channels for little to no cost. The SnatchBot platform offers a “no coding required” approach that makes it easy for enterprises to build their bots without needing to be a developer with years of technical training.

Bots with personality

Bots with personality

Bots with personality

In recent years, as the graphical user interface became the norm of doing business digitally, engagement became nearly nonexistent. Today’s bots require no GUI, and are able to respond to emotional cues and engage in interesting conversation that have proved to increase both revenue and advocacy among consumers.

Our goal at SnatchBot is to make the process of building your own chatbot as easy and user-friendly as possible for anyone, regardless of the size of your brand, user base, or industry.