These days, chatbots are on the tip of everyone’s tongue and at our fingertips. Easier to build and distribute than mobile apps, bots are invading the mobile messaging platforms of choice for consumers. The world is moving towards messaging. Very soon, people will only reach businesses via Messenger using bots.

About Us

About Us

SnatchBot was born in 2015 with the goal of making bot-building easy for everyone. Based in Herzliya Pituach – the heart of the Start Up Nation – we believe in the power of chatbots. Whether to customers, readers, fans or others, a chatbot will strengthen your connection to your audience. And we’re committed to making that as easy as we can.

Already, countless brands, startups and investors have come to us for help navigating the chatbot world. Do we need a bot? Who should we work with to build a bot? What features should our bot have? We realized that everyone from musicians to teachers to big brands needed a simple platform that could create feature-rich bots in minutes, without any programming. So, we created the SnatchBot platform.

SnatchBot helps businesses and developers around the world build and monetize deep-learning chatbots by providing free access to a proprietary bot builder platform. So everyone can save money, enhance customer service or reputation, and increase sales.

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