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SnatchBot is an enterprise-grade, bot-building platform-as-a-service that was created with one central tenet in mind: to make bot-building accessible to anyone – whether developer, enterprise, or individual – with little to no coding skills required.

My brother and myself have worked together in the Telco industry for the past 20 years. We know that a fast, easy and convenient customer experience is essential for businesses. We realized that everyone from musicians to teachers to big brands needed a simple platform that could create feature-rich bots in minutes, without any programming. So, we created the SnatchBot platform.

Our goal is to not only provide people and enterprises with an easy-to-use, free platform that requires no coding skills, but even exceed consumers’ expectations by developing chatbots that offer entertaining conversational experiences while providing relevant information.

Our story

SnatchBot was born in 2015 with the goal of making bot-building easy for everyone. Based in the heart of the Start-Up Nation, we believe in the power of chatbots. Whether to customers, staff, fans or others, a chatbot will strengthen your connection to your audience. And we’re committed to making that as easy as we can.

Our expectation is to teach technology to speak and understand human language, and we’re well on our way toward that goal: already our platform is building truly intelligent bots. And in doing so, we’re helping enterprises connect with consumers in a more meaningful way, one that creates genuine, lasting relationships.

Today, SnatchBot works with small to world-leading companies. Our clients use our platform to streamline business workflows and communications with a single message-based interface with no coding skills required. With our omni-channel platform, SnatchBot’s tools support the entire lifecycle of a chatbot, from development and testing to deployment, publishing, hosting, tracking and monitoring. They include our proprietary Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Voice Recognition (TTS/STT). The platform provides sophisticated administrative features along with enterprise-grade security that complies with all regulatory mandates.

SnatchBot is transforming how companies do business, manage customer relationships and creatively reinvent themselves. Companies using the platform to face outwards enhance their customer experience, experience cost-saving, increase customer engagement and sales. Those using the platform internally save staff time, coordinate efficiently and enhance productivity. Both uses generate invaluable data and insights.

Henri Ben Ezra, CEO and co-founder.

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