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Emerging Vendors in the Bot Industry
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017
Advancements in the fields of NLP (natural language processing) and AI (artificial intelligence) have created hype in the business world that has seen many enterprises developing and implementing bots within messaging applications. Generally speaking, bot technology is still in its early stages, but already there have been several new and exciting developments that are showing the world just ho...
SnatchBot’s Bot-Building Platform Explained
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 01/10/2017
Chances are good you didn’t get very far into 2017 before hearing the phrase “artificial intelligence.” The most famous examples are Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri. Throughout the last year or so, we’ve heard how tech giants like Facebook are hedging bets on bots, but they’re certainly not the one ones—start-ups and established enterprises alike have been building, deploy...
Bots Answer the Call in Both IT Service and Support
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 01/10/2017
When information technology began as an industry, it referred to the use and cooperation of systems to store, retrieve, and send data. These days, however, information technology, or IT for short, has come to be associated with all things computing-related, particularly in the enterprise realms.  IT, in general, is typically concerned with two branches: internal IT support in an enterprise, and...
SnatchBot the Chatbot Summit Sponsor
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 29/09/2017
The new chatbot digital economy is being shaped and the Chatbot Summit has a simple yet very important mission: to gather all the players who make up this newly forming digital economy and provide them with an opportunity to connect. All of us here at SnatchBot consider ourselves chatbot enthusiasts and we have a strong belief that the next digital revolution is forming. Since we share the same...
Streamlining the Airline Industry with Chatbots
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 29/09/2017
Utilizing the conversational power of chatbots has become an integral part of the digital strategy in a number of industries over the past year or two. Putting the consumer in control of the conversation with bots has already proven to drive revenue growth and increase brand loyalty.  In the airline industry, customer service is often considered lacklustre, the traditional means of providing se...
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