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From front to back end processes, modernize your business functions with an easy-to-use platform with no coding skills required. We’re proud to say that no matter what the use case, our chatbots offer features that cover every eventuality.

Chatbot Platform Features In Actions

Premium interactions
Search interaction type
Await Response/Live chat
Extraction type interactions
Custom variables
Arithmetic operation
Logic operations
Natural Language Processing
Omni channel
Sentiment Analysis
Automatic Speech Recognition
Conversation History
Bot Store
Advanced Analytics
Switching Channel
Hand-off to an agent

SnatchBot Robotic Processing Automation Features and Capabilities

SnatchBot can also provide robots which are traditionally used for back-end administrative work that can perform various tasks and transactions in databases, enterprise systems, and websites more efficiently than humans and other automation solutions by reducing cycle times.
Attended RPA is defined as:
Automation that interacts in real time with humans who initiate and control robot tasks, often embedding functions within apps., generally associated with front-office, agent-led activities.
Unattended RPA is defined as:
Automation that replaces a complete human function in a ‘lights-out’ “batch-oriented” manner, creating a virtual workforce, generally associated with back-office activities.
Hybrid RPA is defined as:
Automation that combines attended and unattended tasks that work together, generally associated with processes that span front and back-office activities.

RPA bots built on the SnatchBot platform can


To eliminate the need to build APIs or modify existing systems that don’t expose APIs

To supplement and enhance existing human resources

As an integration tool for legacy and future systems that can’t be connect through traditional IT options

Increase Cost Savings

A smart workforce is leveraged for the digital transformation
of business operations

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