Chatbots: The Cure for the IT Headache

Ask anyone in IT, whether it’s support or service management, and chances are good that ninety percent of their workload is a product of only a handful of repetitive problems. That’s both the blessing and the curse of computers; the most minor of issues also tend to be the most frequent.

What this leads to, however, is reduced productivity and increased frustration. How is one to maximize their efficiency and focus on more complex endeavours while alleviating common concerns and questions?

The answer, of course, lies in chatbots.

Chatbots: The Cure for the IT Headache

The Case for Chatbots

Information technology, or IT for short, has come to be synonymous with all things that deal with computing, but particularly as they pertain to B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) relationships.

This means that IT professionals usually deal with either employees or business consumers—and both of these groups have essentially the same needs. No one wants to learn another interface or system if they don’t have to. Everyone would enjoy a personalized, conversational approach to computing, and a self-service option—where there’s little to no need for another person’s intervention—is always preferable.

Bots are able to answer requests, provide information, point out resources, and many other automated tasks, and they do so quickly, efficiently, and in a way that engages the user in a conversation.

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IT Support with Bots

Utilizing intelligent bots in IT support is a helpful way for inter-enterprise IT personnel to keep pace with expectations without relying on staff, granting them the freedom to focus on other tasks.

For example, bots are already being used in IT to:

  • Answer inquiries related to product features.
  • Remedy technical issues and report to IT staff.
  • Grant access to systems.
  • Simplify complex IT processes.
  • Collect network data and report incidents or outages.

With the SnatchBot bot-building platform, businesses are able to choose if they want their process to be fully automated or to include human input. For example, a chatbot can fully interact with users, but if a specific issue arises, the bot will know to divert the inquiry to an IT support professional.

IT Support with Bots

IT Service with Bots

IT service management refers to providing IT solutions to business customers. This means that their processes tend to be more workflow-driven than tech-driven, but it’s no less impactful for the use of chatbots.

In fact, use cases have already emerged showing the advantages of B2C systems that employ bots. Below are just a few use cases:

  • Resolve processes with a personalized, scalable approach.
  • Minimize employee frustration while maximizing productivity.
  • Offer rapid, automated solutions to ordinarily tedious tasks.
  • Provide self-service support anytime, day or night.
IT Service with Bots

The SnatchBot Advantage

In simple terms, chatbots turn what might ordinarily be a one-way interaction into a two-way conversation. Not only do they accomplish this quickly and efficiently, but bots also present the people with a self-service option. On the opposite end, it alleviates stress on government employees by reducing their workload and allowing them to focus on other tasks.

By bringing each citizen into focus and supplying them a voice—one that will be heard—governments can expect to see (and in some cases, already see) a stronger bond between leadership and citizens. Visit SnatchBot today to discover how you can build and deploy bots across multiple channels in minutes.