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The term “omni-channel” refers to a cross-channel model that companies and brands use to bolster their customers’ experience. With SnatchBot’s omni-channel platform, you can specify the channels through which users can access your chatbots. Moreover, you can build, test and publish bots into every channel with either a single API for integration, or even a simple one-click process.

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SnatchBot Omni-Channel Platform

If you’re thinking of creating and implementing a bot, the first step is to determine your use case specific to your brand. Once you have, you should have a good idea of where your bot should be live and this could be multiple channels. For example, if you want to use the Skype bot, it is also available for other messaging channels like the Slack channel, the SMS channel, the Facebook channel, the WeChat channel, the API channel, among others.

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List of Supported Channels

Bots API

SnatchApp ®

Interact with your bot using SnatchApp’s private and secure application. SnatchApp is a free messaging and calling platform available for desktop, Windows 10, iOS, Windows 8, Android, and other devices.

Bots integration

Web channel

A fast, convenient way to embed a customizable, real-time messaging platform on your website. Customizing an existing widget or adding a new one is quick and easy.

Bots builder


Interact with your bot through email messages and execute tasks for users based on commands. Bots receives their own addresses (

Publish bots

Facebook ®

Connect your bot with Facebook Messenger, a free messaging platform that provides voice and text communication and sees more than a billion active users.

Twilio ® SMS

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that allows you to interact with your bot via text messages or voice applications on web service APIs.

Skype ®

An application that primarily provides video chat and voice call services, Skype also allows users to exchange text, images, video, and rich media.

Slack ®

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool and real-time messaging platform. Interactions with your bot via your Slack account direct messages clients.

WeChat ®

With more than a billion active users, integrating your bot on the WeChat channel allows for free messaging and calling across countries and continents.


If the channel you want isn’t supported yet by our services, you can simply integrate our API for exchanges with the platform. Interactions between your bot and the system use a single, unified API. Your system can also exchange messages via a webhook.

Telegram (Coming soon)

Another free cloud-based instant messaging service, Telegram clients exist for both mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch) and desktop systems (Windows, macOS, Linux).

Viber ® (Coming soon)

This instant messaging and VoIP app has more than 700 million users worldwide. SnatchBot deployment to Viber coming in the near future.

Line ® (Coming soon)

Interact with your bot using Line, a new communication app that allows users to send messages and make voice calls free worldwide.

Microsoft ® Team (Coming soon)

Connect your bot using your Microsoft Team account, a chat-based collaboration tool that is part of the Office 365 suite of services.

Cisco ® Spark (Coming soon)

Cisco Spark is a team-collaboration app that enables group chats and calls, screen-sharing, file-sharing, video meetings, white-boarding, and more.

Amazon Chime (Coming soon)

SnatchBot will soon support Amazon Chime, a brand-new communication platform that runs securely on the AWS cloud, which frees IT from deploying and managing complex infrastructures. Chime launched in February 2017.

Wordpress Plugin (Coming soon)

This plug-in will enable a WebChat widget on your WordPress site using the SnatchBot platform. Widgets are fully customizable, including logo, colors, and more.


Try SnatchBot for free! Simplify your development process; front-end development with SnatchBot means you can directly build, test and publish your chatbot. Set up takes only minutes, and you can have a chatbot capable of complex conversational scenarios. It’s free to get started—no credit card required. Are you ready to build your own SnatchBot?

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