SnatchBot users, you should avail of free Chatbase analytics!

SnatchBot users, you should avail of free Chatbase analytics!

SnatchBot Team SnatchBot Team, 25/01/2018

SnatchBot is delighted to offer Chatbase analytics to its users. And because this is a powerful resource and simple to use (no coding required), really, we would urge everyone to integrate it to their bots.  Chatbase is a service for more easily analyzing and optimizing bots. It works with any platform or type of bot, voice or text, and is free to use.

SnatchBot users can now use Chatbase strong analytic tools. This will help you identify points where your chatbot conversations are faltering. Metrics such as active users, sessions, and user retention will allow you to save hours of interpreting log files and a new visualization of the flow of the conversation will allow for a much clearer picture of how the conversation flows and – importantly – exit points and points where messages have been poorly handled by the chatbot.


Chatbase is a product developed within the Google’s internal R&D incubator, Area 120. Chatbase provides baseline analytics, updated twice an hour, showing your bot’s overall health--including active users, sessions, and retention. You can even compare metrics across chat platforms and optimize underperforming ones.

Beyond bot analytics, the tool leverages Google’s machine learning capabilities to figure out what sort of problems could be affecting the bot. Chatbase’s system instead clusters user messages that aren’t being handled and finds opportunities to answer more requests. It then offers ways to optimize the bot for both problems.

SnatchBot users, you should avail of free Chatbase analytics!Chatbase SnatchBot

Another notable capability in Chatbase is the auto-generated data visualization of conversation flows across sessions. This lets bot developers see what common paths users take, and where they often exit the application. A Funnel report highlights these steps and shows the success rate per step.

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To integrate Chatbase with your bots created on the SnatchBot platform, follow the following steps:

How to link Chatbase to your chatbot on the SnatchBot platform

  1. First of all you need to create an account with Chatbase.
  2. Click on ADD a bot then press SUBMIT. A new page will appear with the API Key you will need to link your chatbot to Chatbase.
  3. Copy the API Key and go to your bot on SnatchBot and select the Configure page.
  4. You can also use the same Chatbase API key on other bots or you can get a unique key for each.
  5. Now, return to the Chatbase platform and press Continue.

Users of the SnatchBot platform can build more reliable, responsive, and accurate bots for all kinds of use cases. At SnatchBot, we look forward to seeing more such integrations with partners across the bot development ecosystem, and will share news about those efforts as they happen!