Omni-Channel and Bots: The New Wave of e-Commerce

Omni-Channel and Bots: The New Wave of e-Commerce

SnatchBot Team SnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017

The New Wave of e-Commerce

As technology advances, new innovations become ingrained into our daily lives. One needs only to look at mobile phones to realize just how much technology can change behaviour, and enterprises need to adapt in kind. Currently, we tend to deal in a variety of digital experiences—mobile, desktop, various apps and programs—but if recent trends are any indication, we’re quickly moving toward an Omni-channel digital presence.

Omni-Channel and Bots: The New Wave of e-Commerce


Omni-channel explained

The term “Omni-channel” refers to multiple channels working seamlessly together toward the same end. For example, if you are a retail business, you may have a physical store, a website, a social media presence, and perhaps even a mobile app. However, if a customer is shopping online, can they transition smoothly to the mobile app? If they encounter an issue, can they change over to telephone or text-based support in real-time without losing data or having to explain their problem again?

This integrated consumer experience is what many enterprises are currently approaching—using each of their platforms to engage customers seamlessly across various channels.

Currently, the SnatchBot bot-building platform is the only one the market that allows you to sync across channels, which means that a user can start a conversation on Facebook Messenger, continue on a website, and end in SMS without interruption.


Engaging the modern consumer

Superior service is a goal for any industry that deals with consumers. Before we can examine the ways in which Omni-channel marketing can be advantageous, first we have to examine what the modern consumer seeks:

· Fast, easy, self-serviceable ways to get their questions answered and their needs resolved.
· A choice of communication channels.
· Real-time access, regardless of location or device.

Next, let’s look at a couple of general facts according to recent studies in modern enterprise relations:

· Customers tend to decrease spending or even abandon brands after a single poor service experience.
· Customers that feel engaged by a personalized approach are more likely to respond to offers, spend more, and return again.

All of this equates to a fairly simple concept: Customers that feel engaged in an interaction, and not just a transaction, are not only more likely to spend more, but also more likely to become advocates for a brand.


How bots can help

Bots can transform traditional experiences into personalized, conversational, and satisfying interactions in several ways. Here are just a few:

·         Perform transactions conveniently in a simple message-based interaction.
·         Access customer service anytime, from anywhere, across multiple channels.
·         Request and receive updates and alerts on inventory.
·         Receive real-time, personal, and actionable offers based on contextual awareness.

Bots use text and/or audio commands to draw context from a user’s response and reply accordingly. While the technology is still being fully developed, there are many bots out there today that “speak our language” and are intelligently able to identify the needs of a consumer.

Research indicates that in almost any industry, up to eighty percent of customer service inquiries tend to be repetitive—which makes an ideal use case for bots. And in the event that a bot is unable to answer a request, it could ask for clarification or, if escalation is necessary, seamlessly transfer a consumer to a human counterpart.

Using SnatchBot enables you to choose whether you want your process to be fully automated, or to add a human input at any point. For instance, your bot can interact with clients until a question of price or quotes comes up; then, the bot will divert the inquiry to a live salesperson.

Bots are contextually aware, and as such, they can anticipate the needs of a consumer and send offers and communications based on their particular history and preferences. In this manner, a decision to purchase becomes an edifying experience.

User interactions with bots are able to be tracked, so the information can be shared with multiple applications and analyzed to gain insight into your audience. SnatchBot, for example, offers real-time analytics that helps grow your patrons and promote synergy. That analytical data allows you to track the growth of your bot, learn what your customers are talking about, and gain better intuition about your consumer base.

Omni-Channel and Bots: The New Wave of e-Commerce

The ability to anticipate a customer’s needs and understand their preferences will soon be the difference between retaining a valued customer and advocate, and losing them to a competitor.
There’s simply no denying that more and more enterprises are turning to bots and Omni-channel presence to change the traditional consumer experience into a gratifying, conversational, and personalized interaction. As the digital landscape changes, consumer engagement and behaviour changes with it; employing digital channels and automation is rapidly becoming the clear path to gaining and retaining customers, building relationships, and turning customers into advocates. 

Omni-Channel and Bots: The New Wave of e-Commerce

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