Bots are Transforming the Airline Experience

Bots are Transforming the Airline Experience

SnatchBot Team SnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017

Airlines, unfortunately, are typically renowned for stories of poor customer service experiences. Miscommunications, delays, overbooking and other issues tend to plague the airline industry, and while many are vying to offer top-notch service, there is always room for improvement. Some airlines have already taken to employing chatbots to assist in all manner of ways—instant access to reservations, conversational and convenient service, and personalization. Creating this sort of relationship with consumers resonates even after a flight is landed, which results in more than just a satisfied customer, but a brand advocate.

Bots are Transforming the Airline Experience


How Bots are Making the Skies Friendly Again

There are a few things that today’s consumers look for in a relationship with an enterprise: they want fast, easy access to information; they want a self-service option; and they want to be able to perform their necessary operations anytime, from anywhere.

Bots are making all this possible by:

·  Putting customers in control by offering a self-service option that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
·  Allowing consumers to make purchases, upgrades, or changes via simple text or speech.
·  Making the interaction personal by delivering travel offers and advice that is fitted to a consumer’s individual needs and preferences.
·  Offering instant support across a variety of channels, like a mobile app, text, email, website, and more.


Bots are Transforming the Airline Experience

Reservation Management Made Easy
One of the biggest frustrations for consumers when it comes to airlines is typically managing or making changes to a reservation. Traditionally, a customer would have to do so over the phone, which usually involves lengthy hold times, navigating an account, being transferred numerous times, etc.

Chatbots make managing reservations fast, efficient, and entirely text-based. And SnatchBot is the only bot-building platform on the market today that allows enterprises to sync bots across chat channels, which means that a consumer can start a conversation on Facebook Messenger, continue on a website, and end talking to a live agent with no interruption, allowing for seamless interaction.


Personalization Drives Revenue

A popular use of chatbots is to deliver updates and offers based on a consumer’s preferences and history. For travel industries like airlines, this means using previous trips and contextual awareness to inspire a customer to use their services again. Bots converse with users in a way that is not pushy or gimmicky, but rather personalized and relevant.


Ease of Access

There are currently innumerable sources, like websites and apps, which offer travel services, and navigating them is no easy feat. Modern consumers, however, want to be able to choose the channel by which they interact with an airline. Bots and multi-channel integration eliminate repetition and conflicting information by being a one-stop-shop for travelers.

Here at SnatchBot, we recognize that simple front-end development and end-to-end integration are the new standards. Airlines that effectively employ bots into their digital strategy will quickly see the advantages in the forms of higher customer satisfaction and a cultivation of loyalty like never before.


Bots are Transforming the Airline Experience