SnatchBot Uses Chatbots to Improve Customer Engagement

SnatchBot Uses Chatbots to Improve Customer Engagement

SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017

We might be a little biased, but here at SnatchBot we believe that chatbots are the next level of customer/enterprise engagement technology. We’ve got some proof to substantiate that claim; bots are the new tech trend and, if current demand continues, will soon outpace the traditional app.

We already offer automated omni-channel self-service with our bots, and now, in an effort to continually improve our platform, we’re enhancing our bot-building framework by enhancing our assets for IVR (interactive voice response) and ITR (interactive text response). In this article, we want to explore how these new developments fit in with our company’s strategy and goal to make bot-building as simple and affordable as possible.


SnatchBot is gaining market momentum since launching in 2016.

SnatchBot was born in 2015 in Israel with the goal to make bot-building easy for anyone. We believe in the power of chatbots to reinforce the connection between people, and we want to show that by providing free access to our proprietary deep-learning platform so that enterprises can increase sales, save money, and enhance consumer relations.

In 2016, our platform went live, and our clientele is constantly growing. We pride ourselves on eliminating complexity, providing robust features and the highest grade of security that complies with regulatory mandates.

Though SnatchBot's key verticals are government services, finance, healthcare, retail, and utilities, we’re seeing use cases come to light across many industries. We’ve created bots for some of the world's biggest brands, including Veolia, Interactive FXTata Computers Limited, NEOPOST, and Fabco Automotive Corporation, to name a few.



Chatbot Platform.

SnatchBot allows people who speak different languages to communicate simply by speaking directly to their counterpart without interrupting the conversation.

Our platform supports a large number of channels, including Twitter, Facebook Messenger, SMS, SnatchApp, Telegram, Viber, and Slack, to name a few, and we’re adding more all the time. Our product portfolio primarily supports use cases for workforce services, contact centre, and self-service. Here are just a few of the industry use cases for which SnatchBot is currently developing:

  1. E-commerce (an online shopping bot via a conventional UI)

  2. FinTech (a currency exchange and money transfer bot)

  3. IT help desk (an issue submission bot)

  4. Quick translation bot

  5. Customer relation management bot

  6. Ticket management bot

As you can see from the examples above, the SnatchBot platform coordinates people with the tools and processes that improve customer experience, streamline development, and increase workflow.

Here are a few of SnatchBot's features that users can access:

  • Create bots with an easy-to-use process and web-based user interface that targets business users, rather than developers.

  • Create, build and deploy automated omni-channel self-service applications across multiple contact channels, including mobile messaging apps, social networks, IVR, and text (chat, SMS and USSD).

  • With integrated tested, one-click deployment, and automated tracking tools, improve application delivery quickly and easily.

  • Analyze and track all relevant interaction channels both historically and in real time.

  • Utilize detailed reporting to continuously enhance and fine-tune the customer experience.


SnatchBot’s Strategy

As we mentioned earlier, we believe that chatbots are the next level of customer/enterprise engagement technology. In order for that to come to fruition, any communication done through an automated process, like with a bot, requires seamless travel and end-to-end integration—that means that the client never has to disengage from the interaction, whether they’re moving from one channel to another, performing a transaction, or moving from voice to text or vice versa.

We believe that’s a key differentiation between us and our competition; our goal is not only to make bot-building simple and accessible, but also to make the communication between users so.SnatchBot’s aim is to provide a tool that creates a dialogue and a relationship; one that leverages natural language to render a streamlined workflow and overall experience, from beginning to end.