SnatchBot the Chatbot Summit Sponsor

SnatchBot the Chatbot Summit Sponsor

SnatchBot Team SnatchBot Team, 29/09/2017

The new chatbot digital economy is being shaped and the Chatbot Summit has a simple yet very important mission: to gather all the players who make up this newly forming digital economy and provide them with an opportunity to connect. All of us here at SnatchBot consider ourselves chatbot enthusiasts and we have a strong belief that the next digital revolution is forming. Since we share the same values and beliefs as people standing behind the Chatbot Summit, we have decided to sponsor this event. Besides, both SnatchBot and the Chatbot Summit share the same passion, which is to give our best to help the Chatbot economy grow. By sponsoring the event that brings the best and most innovative players in the Chatbot industry, we want to contribute to this new chatbot digital economy. The last event that took place in Berlin in June did not pass unnoticed. And, we are looking forward to seeing what Tel Aviv and the new summit will bring us later this year. The new summit is scheduled for 16 November 2017.


Brief History of SnatchBot 

The SnatchBot company was founded in 2015 by current CEO, Henri Ben Ezra. He brought the experience of working for several years in CRM and telecom industries and used it to manage and lead our privately owned and privately funded company. 2016 was a major year for chatbot start-ups and SnatchBot was part of this new wave. But, believe we have an exciting platform to offer experienced developers and new enterprises looking into chatbots for the first time the opportunity to explore chatbot solutions for free.


SnatchBot’s Approach In This New Market 

SnatchBot launched a bot-building platform in 2016. Our platform is designed to provide everything needed by the company that wants to utilize the power of chatbots. Our tools can be used for creating, hosting and monitoring chatbots.

While other platforms are focused on providing tools to developers, we have decided to develop a platform that targets business. To achieve this, we have put our efforts into creating a platform which makes bot-building as easy as possible. A bot building process that doesn’t require an excessive technical background.

The secret of our revolutionary approach lies in using the perfect blend of the smartest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Backed up with peerless conversational design, our platform is designed to help SnatchBot remain a strong competitor in the market, even after the initial market hype is over.

Why is our Platform Unique?

Why is our Platform Unique?

The SnatchBot platform is one with a unique label that says “No coding required”. And this is exactly what sets us apart from our competition. We have managed to target IT staff and developers but to also make it possible for tech-savvy digital managers, sales department and brand managers to leverage the power of chatbots without the need to write a single line of code.

The technology that we’ve developed allows bots to work on different platforms. The monitoring and tracking tools that we provide for our bots provide information in real-time, regardless of the platform companies are working on.

Another great thing about our platform is that it allows easy integration with other platforms, such as Twitter, Salesforce, and Trello. We have also made sure to provide support for companies around the globe. Our platform supports languages range from Chinese and Arabic to Russian, Dutch, and German.

Furthermore, our platform supports both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) bots. With support for both simple automation and complex bots, we have covered a variety of use cases.

Our Role in Revolutionizing Chatbot Technology

Most of our competitors create amazing AI chatbots that can be used on a specific platform. To ensure success, our competitors decided to specialize their bots to provide a specific type of service, such as bots that work for customer service questions and answers. We have decided to step up the game by allowing the bots to cross the platform borders while not losing on their functionality and efficiency.

This is why you can use the SnatchBot platform to create and use bots on Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more.

The greatest challenges in this industry are artificial intelligence and natural language processing. In order to provide good results, delicate deep-learning algorithms require not only a great infrastructure but big chunks of data too.

We have overcome these challenges by allowing businesses and developers to publically use these technologies and scale-up automatically.

Our templates section has many free examples of chatbot, ready-made for specific roles and we are opening this up to developers to post their own creations.

We Have Made Onboarding Smooth

We Have Made Onboarding Smooth

In order to experience all the benefits of our platform and to create your own chatbot, all you need is to register on our website. We have immaculate security systems in place to protect your data and keep it safe. After you verify your account creation, you will be able to access the Dashboard and start building your bot.

We have invested a great deal of time and resources to make an intuitive and easy-to-use interface which will make chatbot creation easy for anyone. After you give a name to your bot, you can use our simple template to set the functionality for the chatbot interface. In the same fashion, you will also be able to completely customize your new bot. Any additional feature you want to add to your bot is done very easily through our interface and you don’t need any technical knowledge to do so.

SnatchBot is and plans to remain, a revolutionary company. At this moment, our focus is on solving all the problems related to building smart chatbots. While we are giving our best to work on creating smarter and better chatbot technologies, we remain committed to making it easy for everyone to use our platform and create their chatbot solutions.