Chatbots for Marketing

Chatbots for Marketing

SnatchBot Team SnatchBot Team, 18/06/2023


Chatbots for Marketing: The Complete Guide


Chatbots for marketing can automate many activities and help to meet customer needs. They can communicate with customers and answer their queries. They can also help customers to enroll for a free trial, download an asset, or make a purchase. The data chatbots collect is useful for understanding customer pain points. It helps with personalizing customer experiences. 


What are the benefits of chatbot marketing?


Save time and money:

Customers expect a quick response to their queries. It isn’t necessary to have humans answer all customer questions. By automating responses to common queries, businesses can save time and money. Chatbots can also respond to customers 24/7 so they never have to wait for answers.

Generate leads:

Chatbots find out what customers want and help to encourage them to convert. They guide them down the right path by helping them to find the information they need. Some common questions chatbots may ask are “What are you looking for?” or “What is your order number?” They may answer queries relating to shipping, delivery times, prices, discounts, etc.

Gain insights:

The data businesses gather from chatbots can be very useful. They create highly personalized experiences by understanding customer demographics and behavior. Understanding more about their previous purchase decisions can be enlightening. This can help them to personalize product descriptions and much more. Personalization will give them a competitive edge.   

Engage users in creative ways:

Businesses need to think of creative ways to engage users when using chatbots. Domino’s is a company that has an innovative way of getting users to order pizza. They order by sharing an emoji on their Twitter account. Chatbots then route the orders and ask further questions. Customer experiences like this are more engaging and help them to remember a brand.


Creating a successful chatbot marketing strategy


Businesses can have either a simple or more complex bot marketing strategy. This will depend on their industry, audience, and budget. For helping customers to navigate a website or purchase journey, a rule-based chatbot is helpful. For solving more complex user queries, conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is necessary. AI algorithms help chatbots to interact with users using everyday language. They can discern context and user intent.

Set marketing goals:

What does the business need a chatbot for? Is it to acquire customers, generate brand awareness or get product insights? If social teams find they can’t keep up with messages on social media platforms, leveraging chatbot social media can make a difference. 

Use the right platforms:

It is important for businesses to use messaging bots on the social media platforms their customers use. Demographics differ for each platform. A customer reaching out on Twitter may have different questions than one on Instagram. This can help with deciding on the user experience and questions the chatbot asks. SnatchBot is an omnichannel platform: you only have to design the chatbot once and it can be launched seamlessly onto the platform you need.

Develop a content strategy:

Businesses must decide what type of content they want customers to engage with when interacting with chatbots.  Frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be a good place to start. Internal teams that interact with customers can provide good insights. Sales teams could help by giving insight into what stops customers from buying. Customer service teams could share what current trends they notice in common questions.

Give a chatbot a voice and personality:

The more businesses can humanize a chatbot the better. The voice and personality of the chatbot must align with the brand. Giving a chatbot a name helps to create a friendly tone. Using emojis, images or animated gifs can add personality. The voice of the chatbot must be consistent to foster good interaction. Businesses need to create a good opening message that’s compelling enough to get customers to respond.

Students of Chatbot Marketing:

Students studying marketing at college need to learn how to use chatbots and understand their benefits. SnatchBot provides a perfect platform for students to build their own chatbots, which is why it is heavily used for chatbots in education. Whether specifically writing about chatbots or more generally, the well-known site offers online marketing assignment writing services with many professional writers. When placing an order with the writer they choose, students need to give clear instructions. They request revisions as many times as necessary to ensure that the final work meets their expectations. Once they submit their deposit the writer will immediately begin work so they submit the assignment on time.




By using chatbots, brands can offer superior customer experiences. They can satisfy most basic customer needs. Bots can be a valuable conversion tool for businesses by nudging users along the path toward a purchase. If the conversation gets too complex, they can push users to a live representative.


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