Chatbots Liven Up FMCG Conversations
News News, 16/05/2019
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From Coke to Levi's and Nappies, Chatbots Liven Up FMCG Conversations


In the fast-moving world of consumer goods, typical fleeting digital interactions are often costly and have limited impact. Who wants to sign up for a website to type in the long code to find out if they have won an Xbox, concert ticket or other goodies, and what reason would they have to stick around after? Chatbots are changing the game and making for more valuable interactions for brands.

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods market is massive, transient and dominated by big brands all trying to evolve the digital conversation into something more useful for both consumer and the brand. For most products, like Coca Cola, ignoring the various flavours updates, constant offers and media tie-ins help drive engagement. For changing brands - any new and improved toothpaste - the need to explain what’s new and improved can drive interest, but needs explaining beyond the packet.

From cereal packets to soft drinks, toilet roll to toothpaste, the aim is to create a level of engagement that gets noticed on supermarket or corner shop shelves and then allows the conversation to carry on beyond the point of sale.

Content is King, But Faster is Better

In most cases, that’s through competitions or offers, additional information and access to digital content. All promoted while trying to boost the marketing messages and voice of the brand across social media sharing. The rise of mobile has helped make this marketing dream a more realistic proposition.

There is no longer the need to build a website, then get consumers to sign up to it, or navigate the age-gate for alcohol brands, as social media can handle that. The phone can scan a barcode, QR code or other feature to access the right social media app, branded site, launch a progressive app site. But when the consumer is there, how does the brand continue the conversation?

Recent examples show how Coca Cola in Bulgaria can condense that whole process into seconds with a chatbot. Through a simple conversation, the bot becomes a part of the user’s social media footprint. With their permission, it can provide push reminders about related content or events and new products.