SnatchBot’s intelligent chatbots are helping to revolutionise communication
News News, 10/12/2018
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Natural Language Processing and AI means chatbots are changing how businesses and organisations communicate with users, says Avi Ben Ezra, CTO of SnatchBot.

First came the website, then the app. Now a third wave of communication innovation is underway. We have entered the era of the chatbot.

A chatbot is a piece of software that interacts with users in a conversational way. What is new and revolutionary about this is that we are at a tipping point in terms of the ability of chatbots to understand sentences and engage users at a sophisticated level. Soon, we will be taking for granted that we can arrange travel, look up our records, order meals and get a book recommendation by talking to a chabot. Microsoft recently drew the conclusion that, “conversational AI is the next user interface wave in computing.”

SnatchBot, a chatbot creation platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), is at the forefront of this revolution. Launched in May 2017, bots built using SnatchBot’s tools — built by companies such as Accenture, Allianz, Aman Bank, Uber, Veolia and Vodafone — have carried out over 40 million interactions to date, with 80 per cent of conversations ended with a ‘thank you’ from users, an another important metric. This is testimony not only to the growing desire of businesses to deploy chatbots but also to the ease of use, efficiency and powerful features of the SnatchBot platform.