Why Chatbot Surveys Are Taking Over
News News, 04/12/2018
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There is a huge demand for survey software. Not surprising. Every organization that has customers or users, from enormous enterprises and government bodies to SMEs and voluntary sports clubs, benefit from getting feedback from members and clients. With SnatchBot’s arrival on the scene, there is a whole new and exciting way of gathering this data: surveys via chatbot.

For some businesses, understanding and listening to their users can be a matter of success or failure. Consider entrepreneur Hiten Shah’s one costly mistake. “My co-founder and I spent $1 million on a web hosting company that never launched,” he explained. “We were perfectionist so we built the best thing we could without even understanding what our customers cared about.”


Why Chatbot Surveys Are Taking Over


A far more costly failure to understand its customers (some estimates put it at $100 million) was GAP’s 2010 attempt to shift its appeal to a younger, trendy market through a rebranding. The new logo lasted only two days after a tsunami of complaints.

Respondent fatigue is real – but it's easier than ever to overcome that natural response, with a little help from your friends, and your technology.

User data can be incredibly valuable, and surveys are the way organizations attempt to get inside the heads of their users. Yet there is a lot of weariness among the planet’s population about filling in surveys, especially the kind that really dig deep to provide the kind of high-quality information that can successfully guide a strategic decision.

Of all the types of communication that users are open to receiving (help advice, service updates, appointment reminders, newsletters, invitations, and personal messages), survey requests come in last. We are suffering survey fatigue. Almost certainly as you are reading this, you can think of invitations to complete a survey that you’ve received and – very likely – turned down. Here are of the tried-and-true ways to overcome that survey fatigue and get your customers on your side.