How SnatchBot voice chat improves user-experience
News News, 19/11/2018
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Communication is very vital to human beings since all humans, irrespective of their ages and backgrounds enjoy talking and listening to interesting ideas, stories and opinions. Thus, as far as research and development goes: technology experts have worked hard to ensure that communication technology evolved towards delivering conversational experiences. This is also the case even when a human being is not physically present to take a call.


A new phenomenon solving some very old human needs:

It is nevertheless worthy to note that language remains very important in this 21st century because it is the most effective and useful communication technology. That said, the typical chatbots S&P500 companies deploy today, were created only a few years ago and it is overwhelming to assert that they have become a great commodity in a rapidly evolving tech driven world. SnatchBot is one of the leading bot frameworks that were launched in 2017. SnatchBot is basically a bot platform that provides the ideal tools for building conversational chatbots in a bid to enhance the experience of consumers. It comes at a time when many consumer and enterprise messaging apps have incorporated bots into their platform. This explains why chatbots has gone mainstream. As a matter of fact, bots are simply like new applications that people can converse with. But now, there is a game changer: Automated speech recognition (ASR).

Thanks to market leaders like SnatchBot and other technology companies, voice chat experiences have been improved. SnatchBot for instance, has inculcated artificial intelligence (AI) into its chatbots through its powerful Natural Language Processing systems. This therefore explains why the chatbots are talking. More so, thanks to artificial intelligence, users can actually build chatbots that gives the most enjoyable as well as intuitive conversational experiences. It can however be argued that giving chatbots a voice simply takes the interactions between users and artificial intelligence to the next level. Of course, incorporating artificial intelligence into chatbots comes with many advantages.