SnatchBot Added LINE to Increase It’s Multi-Channel Reach
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As a leading technology platform, SnatchBot brings definitive ease to the use to the chatbot market. With SnatchBot, businesses can maximize the use of AI to engage with their various customers on time Andy reply to their customers’ queries swiftly. In the world of business today, AI has redefined the way businesses engage with their customers and potential customers. What SnatchBot brings new to the table to allow everyone irrespective of their knowledge of technology to use chatbot in a very seamless manner.


Chatbots as credible substitutes

Most customers who engage with chatbots most probably know they are chatting with a computer program, so the use of chatbots is not to make people think otherwise and totally replace the place of a human to human engagement. No, it is not. Rather it is to give the customer a more polished customer experience. In the world of businesses, engaging your customer well equals to a lasting customer retention. The significance of giving your customer quality customer experience online cannot be overemphasized as most of your customers much of their time online.

Because they spend most of their time online, most of their queries are made on social media platforms. This is why it is significant to be as prompt as possible in replying messages on those platforms. That is exactly what SnatchBot enables business to achieve.

The use of chatbots like those floated on the SnatchBot Store has helped business with a robust social media presence save a lot of money, as they do not have to create a redundant workforce they may not fully engage their teeming customers asking numerous questions online.

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