SnatchBot’s vision of the future of business communications
News News, 11/12/2017
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Chatbots are being used by all the big players. Why? And does every business need them?


You’ve almost certainly heard about chatbots, their use is increasing exponentially. A chatbot is a piece of software that interacts with you on websites and channels like Facebook Messenger. You could consider Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri to be types of chatbot, although the typical chatbot uses text rather than voice for interactions.

Many large organisations are building chatbots, especially those who engage in online interactions with customers and clients. This is because more and more people are spending their online time within their favourite social media channels, rather than browsing for websites. If you can chat to someone within, Facebook Messenger, say, and answer their queries, sell items, make bookings, etc. then that is clearly going to be the future. So, to take one of many recent examples, Barcelona FC have launched a chatbot, which you can interact with on Messenger.

The main proponents of chatbots are those companies who want to save time handling routine queries from customers. In India, for example, HDFC Bank has a chatbot that in the course of six months dealt with 2.7 million queries. The National Australia Bank estimates its new chatbots will save the bank $16m a year.

The TV and movie industry is really getting into chatbots, mainly as a promotional tool. Recently, there were chatbots for Westworld, Unfriended, Zootopia, Lights Out, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a dozen more films.

On the SnatchBot platform, worldwide companies like Accenture, Allianz, Aman Bank, Uber, Veolia and Vodafone are benefiting from using chatbots to handle customer interactions.

The best analogy for the chatbot buzz is with apps. It’s not even ten years since Apple launched its App Store. And now we are all used to apps. Well, in the same way, SnatchBot has launched the first Chatbot store. Chatbots are coming and many people believe they will replace apps.

Chatbots versus apps

Apps are great. They’ve changed our lives in so many ways. But apps, for the most part, are not communicative and they’re not intelligent. Bots essentially give apps a brain and a voice. The purpose of the app you’re using doesn’t necessarily change, but the way you interact with it does. Plus, adding new cloud-based applications means increases in costs, time and security risk.

SnatchBot’s vision of the future of business communications

Chatbots for all

Yet chatbots are not just for the big players. There are several platforms offering bot-building for small businesses and individuals. One decision, in particular, has created a tsunami of bot creation by small companies and individuals, that was when, in April 2016, Facebook allowed bots on Messenger. Within a year, over 100,000 chatbots had been created for Messenger.

In particular, with SnatchBot being a free to use platform, the chatbot project is out of the hands of a small number of creators of expensive bots and is becoming a mass movement. Crucial here is the recent development of intuitive and accessible tools so that anyone can create chatbots, the complexities of the challenge have been bypassed.

SnatchBot’s vision

At SnatchBot, we are accelerating this trend by allowing users to created sophisticated chatbots for free. The SnatchBot bot-building platform is a complete platform-as-a-service (PaaS), which means that it allows users to design, test and deploy high-quality bots without the need to develop their own infrastructure and with no coding skills required. Bots on our platform can be used with nearly any communication channel, like text, voice and e-mail; messaging tools like Facebook, Skype, Slack and Snatchbot’s own enterprise-grade messaging platform called SnatchApp; and within a company website or mobile app.

SnatchBot’s vision of the future of business communications

In other words, we allow you to build true omni-channel bots with just a single bot configuration.

Moreover, our platform includes a variety of SnatchBot’s pre-built bots that are ready for immediate use, through our SnatchBot Store. These cover functions such as customer servicebankingtravelhospitalityhealthcareIoT, and e-commerce.

We’ve put our state-of-the-art natural language processing technology into some of the most prevalent chatbots for enterprises on the market, while our unrivalled encryption practices keep all of your data safe and secure.

To find out more about chatbots, how easy it is to build one, and their potential value to your enterprise, visit 

Written by Henri Ben Ezra, CEO and co-founder of