My personal shopper is a chatbot
News News, 30/06/2017
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Chatbots are messaging apps that rely on Artificial Intelligence to respond to human queries.

They are increasingly becoming an essential marketing tool. They have transformed e-commerce. For me, Chatbots are my personal shopper.

I use Chatbots for shopping in different ways such;

  • Placing orders on online stores for various products

  • Inquiring about the availability of a certain product.

  • Seeking customer support

  • Sending money to purchase products to name but a few.


My Personal Shopper is a Chatbot Montri Nipitvittaya.jpg

Photo credit: Shutterstock/Montri Nipivittaya

These are just a few examples of what chatbots can do. There are limitless ways in which you can use them. They are more effective than traditional websites. Today, you can book the next available flight or order for pizza in the comfort of your car, without making a call.

Businesses that use Chatbots ensure customer satisfaction. They respond to customer concerns immediately and engage with them more. There are chatbots that can help you manage your finances. They give you information about stock markets and track your finances. They can also give you financial statements from your bank.


What are the benefits of using chatbots in e-commerce?
Advancements in Artificial Intelligence has changed the roles and functions of chatbots. Today Chatbots can market your products for you, respond to customer questions, and entertain users. In addition to this, the use of chatbots has the following benefits;

  • They sell your products and services.
  • They reach various clients through their preferred apps.

  • They deliver personalized adverts.

  • They save on manpower.

  • They provide customer support.

  • They gain customer insight.Chatbot provides automated replies via messaging platform or web chats.

When our interactions with a chatbot get difficult it can refer to human customer service personnel. Developers are working round the clock to improve chatbots capabilities to improve their transactional integration. The current models only use automated replies.