Best Bot Platforms Software in 2017
News News, 10/12/2017
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Chatbots are rapidly finding their way to more and more websites, as people are increasingly realizing their huge potential and the major impact they can have on their business. They are very conversational and can significantly improve customer experiences, making brands available for their queries 24/7 and providing them with high-quality service. Since they are based on AI and machine learning, interacting with them is just like communicating with real people.

This is the primary reason why more and more business owners are creating their own chatbots and integrating it into their websites, but what they also do is save quite a lot of time, not to mention costs. Hence, when you put two and two together, chatbots eventually lead to more conversions and increased revenue, so you should definitely jump on the bandwagon and create a chatbot for your business.

Creating a chatbot is more than easy and it is ridiculously affordable, which not everyone realizes, so they choose to stay on the sidelines and not make the least of an effort to step up their game and play with the big guns. Spoiler alert: you don’t need any technical skills or coding knowledge to make a chatbot. There are a number of bot platforms that are designed to do it for you, so take a look at the best tools you can choose from in order to make your very own chatbot.



SnatchBot is the best and most recommended one of all the platforms for building and publishing bots. Not only does it make it extremely easy to build your bot in minutes, with no coding required, but it also enables you to publish it to various web apps, mobile devices and popular instant messaging services, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, WeChat, Viber, Telegram and lots of others. It also seamlessly integrates with Slack and Twilio.

This platform is the only one that is omni-channel, which means that you don’t have to create a new chatbot every time you want to connect with users on a new channel, which is what makes SnatchBot absolutely amazing. Besides being an omni-channel platform, SnatchBot has a beautifully designed and intuitive interface that enables users to use drag-and-drop methods in order to create complex templates.

With its robust administrative features and enterprise-grade security, this platform enables you to create outstanding customer experiences, especially because it has a state-of-the-art NLP for building conversational user interfaces.

If you need an excellent free chatbot solution, you really need not look further than SnatchBot, as the platform is absolutely free. You get unlimited free bots, unlimited free messages, and unlimited free support, with no hidden costs down the line. With SnatchBot, what you see is really what you get, and you get a truly revolutionary platform for building bots and connecting with your users whenever they are.



Chatfuel is a bot platform that enables you to create an AI-driven chatbot for Facebook Messenger or Telegram in less than 10 minutes, with no coding whatsoever. Not only does it practically create your bot for you, but it also seamlessly integrates with various platforms, such as YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and many other services.

By creating a chatbot with Chatfuel and setting up conversational rules, your bot will easily recognize similar phrases by using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and it will send pre-defined answers to your users. You can also easily automate it to send answers to FAQs.

Chatfuel is free of charge for up to 500.000 monthly active users but, for a greater number of users or more additional features, you can check out its paid plan that starts at only $30 per month.