Part 2: Are Chatbots About To Send Email Marketing To The Trash Folder?
NewsNews, 26/11/2017
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In part 1, we examined the differences between email marketing and chatbots, digging deep into platform functionalities, demographics, and the intimacy of the two mediums. Today, we’ll take a look at factors such as existing infrastructure and deliverability.


What’s In place: Existing Marketing and Technological Infrastructure

Email marketing is deeply ingrained in the strategies of many businesses, and will likely grow. In 2017, 58% of marketers plan on increasing email spend, while only 7.5% indicate that they will decrease it. This establishes two main challenges for the uptake of bots.


1) Integrating with current technological and marketing infrastructure

A major benefit of email marketing lies in the email address itself. It is generally provided to the company in situations ranging from a car tune-up to buying shoes. From there, it is input to databases where the business can analyze that customer’s behaviors and purchases. Welcome emails can be sent based on purchases and retention emails delivered when that customer is approaching the time when another purchase should be made.

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Part 2: Are Chatbots About To Send Email Marketing To The Trash Folder?
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