News News, 31/07/2017
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SnatchBot Community aims to accelerate the Chatbot revolution.

Chatbot Summit sponsor, SnatchBot has an innovative platform that will lead to a rapid growth of Chabot use.

Henri Ben Ezra, CEO of SnatchBot, explains why the company is coming to Berlin for the summit and why they chose to be a sponsor.

At SnatchBot we made a fundamental, almost philosophical choice when we created the company. We decided to build a platform that allows users to create their own bots for free, without any need for developers. Lots of companies offer bot-building services but in our view, that’s not the way to create a tsunami effect. It’s too slow and unnecessarily so.


Release the bot!

SnatchBot was born in 2015 in Israel with the goal to make bot-building easy for anyone. We believe in the power of Chatbots to revolutionize interactions between people and enterprises and that the more the practice of creating bots spreads to hundreds of thousands of people, the deeper the coming change will be. By providing free access to our proprietary deep-learning platform and simple-to-use tools, we anticipate facilitating a rapid spread in bot use and that the resulting mass participation will quickly lead to ever more sophisticated creations.


The wave is already gathering speed.

Any company can use our platform to engage with people via a large number of channels, including Twitter, Facebook Messenger, SMS, SnatchApp, Telegram, Viber, and Slack and we’re adding more all the time. Customers can create their bots from scratch, or take advantage of our experience to date in creating bots for particular purposes, such as:

  • E-commerce (an online shopping bot via a conventional UI)
  • FinTech (a currency exchange and money transfer bot)
  • IT help desk (an issue submission bot)
  • Quick translation bot
  • Customer relation management bot
  • Ticket management bot

SnatchBot’s Strategy

We believe that Chatbots are the next level of customer/enterprise engagement technology. In order for that level to be obtained, communication with a bot will require seamless travel and end-to-end integration: in other words, that the client never has to disengage from the interaction, whether they’re moving from one channel to another, performing a transaction, or moving from voice to text or vice versa.

The more joined up the world, whether in person or in regard to the Internet of Things, the more the bot will be like your personal assistant and escort you through the online world.

So we are coming to Berlin to share this vision and make sure that everyone knows about our platform and just how easy it is to create a bot. Sponsorship of the summit makes total sense for us because we are at a tipping point in the widespread adopting of Chatbots and the summit is going to be instrumental in shifting the world into the new phase of Chatbot use. Being in Berlin next week is like having been at an early gig of a band who become famous. Everyone will wish they had been there and those who actually were will wear the t-shirt with pride!