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Bots are Transforming the Airline Experience
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017
Airlines, unfortunately, are typically renowned for stories of poor customer service experiences. Miscommunications, delays, overbooking and other issues tend to plague the airline industry, and while many are vying to offer top-notch service, there...
Why Now is the Best Time to Develop a Chatbot for your Company
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017
🔝Bots are the new Apps! Last year, 2016, saw an explosion in the popularity of chatbots, commonly just called bots. In a lot of ways, bots are the new apps, and while they may not seem to be as immediately practical as other blossoming technology, like 3D printing or virtual reality, they are gaining...
How to Choose the Right Chat Platform for your Enterprise
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017
Despite the large number of chat platforms available today, only a handful are suitable as an enterprise communications platform. When we specify “enterprise” platform, we’re specifically referring to real-time collaboration programs for internal use, and not live-chat platforms a company would use to communicate with customers. To find the right platform for your or...
Chatbots: Uniting e-commerce and Conversational Branding
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017
There’s no denying, with the increasing trend of usage among enterprises, that bots hold vast potential. One of the most important ways in which their capacity is being realized is with the integration of transactional abilities. With a payment component, bots are advancing from marketing and branding tools to valuable assets that turn interested in capital, casual consumers into paying c...
SnatchBot Poised to Overcome Market Hype of Chatbots
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017
In 2016, SnatchBot launched a bot-building platform that provides all the necessary tools for creating, hosting, and monitoring conversational chatbots. Our platform is designed to target businesses, rather than developers, and by doing so we’ve made it as easy as possible to build a bot. Although the bot industry is st...
Bots and Conversational Commerce: At Your Service
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017
Customer service Bots Excellent customer service has always been at the forefront of any brand’s strategy. Today’s customers want more than the traditional one-sided transaction; they want a two-way interaction. They want to connect and engage with their brands. Enterprises that are doi...
SnatchBot: Enhancing Consumer Experience with Chatbots
SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 02/10/2017
In 2016, Snatch Group Ltd. launched SnatchBot, a bot framework platform that provides tools for building conversational chatbots intended to enhance the consumer experience. Our company, along with others that have emerged recently, is poised at the forefront of innovation by providing bot-building tools and technology that make it easy f...
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