SnatchBot Goes Multi-National With Dublin Office

SnatchBot Goes Multi-National With Dublin Office

SnatchBot Team SnatchBot Team, 14/09/2018

With over a hundred new users a day, SnatchBot is the fastest growing chatbot company in the world. And to keep up with demand, we’ve opened a new office in Dublin, Ireland. SnatchBot CMO and Dublin office manager Conor Kostick explains the thinking behind the move.

‘Obviously, the European market is hugely important to SnatchBot and Dublin has an attractive high-tech infrastructure, with state-of-the-art optical networks and world-class connectivity.

‘Plus we already have many Irish business clients in all verticals, so while our orientation from the new office is towards all of Europe, I’ll also be seeking to make SnatchBot the platform of choice for Ireland’s bot builders.’

Henri Ben Ezra, CEO of SnatchBot adds, ‘SnatchBot’s growth is breathtaking, we are exceeding all our targets. In part the explanation for this is the general zeitgeist. 2018 has proven to be the year when thousands of businesses of all sizes became serious about deploying chatbots.

‘It’s also tribute to our particular approach. Firstly, the free-to-use model is proving immensely popular. Secondly, for the business which uses the PRO-plan for technical advice, custom branding and builds, the fact that we offer so many channels is crucial. With us, you are not limited to just having a Facebook bot, you can easily put your bot on a website, LINE, Skype, Viber, etc.

‘We have a state-of-the-art AI and NLP. Recently we added text-to-voice and have a pipeline down which is coming more channels, more plugins and more features. At the moment, the US, India and China are leading the way as users of our chatbots, so we’ve taken the strategic decision to base Conor and his team in Dublin and really get the message across to European countries that SnatchBot is the tool that governments and businesses are looking for so that they can join the revolution in conversational software.’

Since the SnatchBot platform went live in the summer of 2017, the team has been racing through the milestones. In response to the many users wanting to export data from the conversations, we made JSON API and Webhook functionality an easy-to-use option; initially offering websites, Messenger, Slack, Email, Skype and Twilio omnichannel functionality (you can chat to the bot on one channel and switch seamlessly to another), we added LINE, API and Viber, with Telegram to come in the next month.

The addition of text-to-speech to the chatbots was another huge milestone achieved. Hands free AI-driven conversational software is clearly going to be part of humanity’s future and SnatchBot are going to play our part in that future.

Making the strategic decision to create a ‘bot store’ where pre-made templates for a variety of uses has also played its part in the popularity of the platform. Currently, there are 43 template bots in the store and we are constantly adding new ones that incorporate all the latest developments in the platform.

Probably the biggest tick on the SnatchBot roadmap was placed against NLP, when that went live in spring of 2018. Not only is the SnatchBot proprietorial AI driving the language skills of the chatbot state of the art, but we designed the system so that anyone can build NLP models and deploy them in their chatbots. No coding is needed; we’ve really made NLP user-friendly and brought the technology to a mass audience.

All these features, available for both free and PRO-plan users, explain why SnatchBot is growing so rapidly that the opening of a European office was a strategic necessity.