Bots Answer the Call in Both IT Service and Support

Bots Answer the Call in Both IT Service and Support

SnatchBot TeamSnatchBot Team, 01/10/2017

When information technology began as an industry, it referred to the use and cooperation of systems to store, retrieve, and send data. These days, however, information technology, or IT for short, has come to be associated with all things computing-related, particularly in the enterprise realms. 

IT, in general, is typically concerned with two branches: internal IT support in an enterprise, and service management that supplies IT solutions to customers (usually business consumers). The common thread, besides the business of computing, is that IT professionals are frequently beset by repetitive questions and dilemmas, which leads to frustrating interactions and generally reduced productivity.

There is, however, a way in which both service and support personnel can benefit by decreasing or even eliminating those common inquiries and at the same time automate certain tasks so that they might streamline workflow and increase productivity again. 


The Answer is Chatbots

Chatbots, or simply called bots, are automated programs that interact with a user in human language via text or voice, rather than traditional GUI-based computer language. Bots use machine learning and artificial intelligence to draw context from the input and reply in a way that is conversational, engaging, and personal. 

Chatbots are already being used across many industries to assist with customer service inquiries, to facilitate digital shopping, book travel, and enter insurance claims. Those are just a few examples, and more use cases arise daily as bots gain prevalence. 

There are a number of reasons for the spike in bot popularity, chief among them being the ease and cost-effectiveness with which bots can be developed, tested and deployed. The SnatchBot bot-building platform, for example, requires little to no coding experience and allows users to get started for free.

Thanks to advances in other areas, like instant messaging and social media, modern consumers have come to expect a self-service option that answers their requests quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Bots do this in a way that is personal and engaging, and they’re available anytime, day or night.


How Bots Can Help in IT

Putting chatbots to use in IT accomplishes multiple goals. For one, bots can answer commonly-asked questions and alleviate frequent concerns, all done in a manner that is conversational and requires no new knowledge of systems. In this digital age customer satisfaction is more important than ever, and offering consumers a simple and rapid response through the channel of their choice has been proven to cultivate a sense of loyalty.

On the enterprise side, the internal benefits of using bots are shown in reducing overhead, alleviating stress on employees, and freeing up valuable time that personnel can be spending to focus on more complex tasks. 

Here are just a few of the tasks that can be automated with intelligent bots: 

•    Answer inquiries related to product features.
•    Report technical issues to staff.
•    Grant access to systems. 
•    Simplify complex IT processes.
•    Alert users to incidents and outages.
•    Provide self-service support anytime, day or night. 

With chatbots, there’s no need for customers or employees to learn new software or even a new interface; instead, they interact with bots on chat channels, SMS, web, email, or other media that they’re already using.


Getting Started with SnatchBot

The SnatchBot platform is the only one on the market today that allows you to sync across chat channels, which means that a user can start a conversation on Facebook Messenger, continue on a website, and end in SMS with no interruption.

Our platform also offers real-time analytics that promotes synergy, tracks the growth of your bot, and collect data regarding what issues your user base is frequently seeing, allowing you to gain new insight into your network. 

Safety and security is a crucial aspect of any IT solution, which is why SnatchBot is as private and secure as possible. We provide enterprise-grade security that complies with all regulatory mandates, including user authentication and secure messaging.

It’s time to start using technology to aid technology in a meaningful way that alleviates the typical headaches of IT while increasing productivity and promoting streamlined workflow. If you work in information technology, or your enterprise’s IT support staff could use a reprieve, it’s easy to get started—just visit SnatchBot and see how you can start building your bot today.