Chatbot demo - See What a Live Chat Conversation is Like

Chatbot demo - See What a Live Chat Conversation is Like

SnatchBot Team SnatchBot Team, 30/04/2019

Chatbot demo - See What a Live Chat Conversation is Like

If you are reading this simply because you want to know what a conversation with a chatbot is like, then press the button low down on the right-hand side of the page. That’s our demo chatbot, Snatchbot, and he’ll happily demonstrate the chatbot experience.

If you are a chatbot builder, or interested in providing clients with chatbot options, then you’ll want to create effective demonstrations of your own, designed around particular use cases: chatbots that sell products; chatbots that make bookings; chatbots that entertain; etc.

Even if you have never done it before, use this article as a how-to guide.

Show how your chatbot works

Probably it will surprise you, but older users love chatbots. Generations other than Millennials and Generation Z are not usually comfortable with new technology. Yet chatbots leverage a skill all humans are great at: conversation. Older users of technology might not always know how to get the most out of a new smartphone, but get them started in conversation with a chatbot and they will soon navigate like experts.

It’s crucial, therefore, to get your chatbot demonstration running and available to users, so they can see how easy the experience is.

‘If you are trying to convince a client of the value of chatbots,’ says states James Daily, head of the content department at Flash Essay, ‘then there is nothing more impressive than a chatbot demonstration. And it is very easy to mock up a working sample conversation, leaving out the more complex background tasks until a full pilot is requested.’

Demonstrate all features your chatbot has

First of all, you should flag to people the issues your chatbot is able to resolve. The highlights we always demonstrate include our omnichannel capability (i.e. that with just a few clicks, the same chatbot can be launched on several channels, like Messenger, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Viber, etc.).

Building omnichannel chatbots is easy with the SnatchBot platform

Also, we have a proprietorial NLP which is easy to use. Again, this is worth demonstrating to clients and you could show in just a matter of minutes how to start building an NLP model, one that means users of the chatbot are not confined to fix (button) responses.

Other quick and yet important features to demonstrate are ‘Live Chat’ and the series of ‘Extraction’ interactions that you can show on the Reports page.

Rather more complex for a demonstration bot, but still sometimes well worthwhile is to show how the chatbot interfaces with popular software such as a meeting schedule system or a database. You could have a window open with the database and one with the conversation, so the client can see in real time the database being populated with extracted information from the conversation. That way, the power of the chatbot to automate customer interactions is really evident.

Encourage users to try your chatbot

Do you want showcase your products in a way that suits the user? In a way that is tailored to his or her interest? Then naturally, you’ve brought in the help of a chatbot. And having built the chatbot, the crucial next step is to find a mechanism to encourage users to ‘play’ with your bot. One idea is a promotional video with a link to the bot.

This will help you to turn random visitors to customers. Let’s consider one simple example to understand how it works.

Suppose you have a travel chatbot which helps to find affordable flights. A user has watched your chatbot demo video and decided to use your bot just for fun. Once engaged with the bot the user is impressed and now thinks in this way: ‘Wow! This chatbot has found the cheapest flights ever! I should definitely use this chatbot to plan my next trip!’

As you can see, even if a website’s visitor has no intention of making an immediate purchase, the chatbot will make him or her come back to your website later. So it’s important to have a winning chatbot demonstration to encourage more users to try a chatbot.

How to Get The Most From The Demo

Keep it simple

If you want a great number of people to use your chatbot, you should make your demo as simple as possible. Try to provide catchy, easy-to-understand examples. Avoid using jargon, especially technical jargon, in your explanation of what the chatbot does.

‘One major attraction for chatbot users,’ says Jessica Fender, a chief content officer at OnlineWritersRating, ‘is that the experience can be fun. Chatbots can have personality. So don’t neglect that in your demonstration.’

It’s easy to customize the look of the chatbot, to give it a picture, and even easier to make the language of the conversation friendly and entertaining. The great thing about chatbots as representatives of a business is that they are always on message.

Use a range of channels for your chatbot demonstration

We’ve found that the mobile experience can be very impressive for users interested in chatbots, so make sure the bot is available on all the popular channels. And what can make a real impact is to begin the chat on a webpage, say, and seamlessly continue it on Messenger, Telegram and Viber. The wow effect of that demonstration has been tangible as the client can see how the technology is perfectly adapted to the mobile generation.

Create chatbot demos in different languages

Keep in mind that if you operate globally, you should design different chatbot demos for different regions. Not only that, but the personality of your chatbot needs to be appropriate to the user. If you are using avatars in the chatbot bubble, which you should, to give it personality, don’t forget to adopt suitable skin tone and dress according to the region and language the chatbot is built to serve.

The good news for Pro-Plan users of SnatchBot’s platform is that you get automatic connectivity to Microsoft’s translation API in addition to the 135 languages that are available in our NLP engine.

Examples by Vertical

Financial and legal sector

Do you want to craft a perfect demo for a bank bot? The big buzz when it comes to chatbots in banking circles is Erica by Bank of America. Launched in 2017, Erica has helped over 6 million of their customers with transfers, balances and the full range of banking services. She also regularly gets in touch with users with updates and information.

Erica has proven a great success for banking chatbots

Booking services

If you operate in the hospitality sector, take a closer look at this demo created for KLM airlines. This video demo clearly explains how to book a flight, get a boarding pass, and pay ticket using a Facebook Messenger bot. It’s one of the best Google chatbot demo examples. Try to create a similar video for your company.

Entertainment sector

If you operate in the entertainment sector, the primary mission of your chatbot is to engage your customers. Here is a great chatbot online demo example to consider.

Chabots that are engaging are perfect for the entertainment sector

Screenshot source:

E-commerce sector

Do you want a chatbot to help your customers to choose products, make payments and manage their orders? Here’s a demonstration sales chatbot, a template that can be redesigned to suit online sales.

Healthcare industry

If you work in the healthcare sector, a chatbot demo is not an option, but a necessity. Whether patients experience severe pain or other symptoms, they want to solve their problem as soon as possible. And it’s crucial for them to know how to use your chatbot in the right way.

Here is a chatbot demo of dentist bot template. It shows how to schedule an appointment with a dentist.

Dentist chatbots can make appointments

Screenshot source.

In conclusion

It doesn’t really matter in which industry you operate and what kind of bot you have. In fact, a demo for real estate chatbot is as useful as a demo for bank bot.

The only thing which matters is the quality of your demo. A demo should be accessible for every user whatever background knowledge he has and whatever language he speaks. Try to craft a chatbot demo that explains all the benefits of talking to AI bots.